Academic Technology

The Academic Technology Department supports learning environments that meet the expectations of 21st-century students while still engaging students in active learning through personal connections with faculty mentors.

Technology-enhanced learning is the use of specific technologies to improve the student learning experience and the quality of stated learning outcomes regardless of whether the course delivery method is face-to-face, online, or hybrid.

Some examples of technology-enhanced learning are:

  • Online courses that are taught entirely through web-based technologies
  • Hybrid courses that are taught partly online and partly through traditional face-to-face contact
  • Online components (like tutorials, reviews, lectures) added to traditional face-to-face courses to allow the professor to use class time for hands-on, experiential, and team learning opportunities


  • Instructional design
  • Video production studio and media services
  • Classroom technology support and maintenance

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  • Office location  Swisher Library, Rooms 327 and 328