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TEACHING WITH History of Biology: What can it do for you?

Content Overview

  • Key concepts of cell theory, heredity, DNA and genomics covered through exploratory “missions” or lessons
  • Students use scientific techniques and online resources to solve detailed puzzles
  • Issues focused encourages questioning the ethical, social, political and cultural impacts of biological research and innovation
  • Historical importance of major discoveries by 20 scientists provides the foundation to understand biology then and now
  • Technological advancements, such as the invention of the printing press, the computer and the internet, shows how technology has helped to advance research

Skills Overview
  • Problem solving to solve detailed puzzles related to important discoveries in history
  • Critical thinking while analyzing and interpreting objects, books and online resources
  • Research opportunities to find information on people and places
  • Communication such as writing observations, questions and notes in the notepad or working with a partner provides chances to discuss

TEACHING WITH GDL: What can GDL do for you?

  • Save valuable planning time
  • Build on your current teaching approach
  • Engage your Students by connecting through a medium they enjoy
  • Teach difficult topics through rich 3D animation and great visual graphics
  • Teach 21st century learning skills such as critical thinking skills, media literacy, intellectual curiosity, problem identification, formulation, and solution skills, and self-direction skills
  • Allows you to blend multiple curriculum strands
  • Supplement text books and replace old assets
  • Optimizes use of class time through engagement and rich multimedia

Assess student understanding and knowledge development.

  • Curriculum coded lesson plans
  • Comprehensive assessment tools
    • Quizzes
    • Notepad and notepad marking rubrics
    • Metrics on usage and performance
  • Full tracking of student progress
    • Hours of integration
    • Number of Logins
    • Login locations, time of day, day of week
    • Visual statistics
    • Comparison of student to class, school, country and world
    • Comparisons among classes and between schools
  • Full animations and simulations available for download to use as needed

Enjoy integrating new technology and digital teaching tools into your classroom. Whether you feel at ease teaching on an interactive whiteboard or would only be caught dead using chalk; our team at Spongelab Interactive ensures that all GDL subscribers receive training and support.
Genomics Digital Lab is built with teachers in mind:

  • Easy to use and setup in the classroom
  • Online with nothing to download or install
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Works with interactive whiteboards, projectors, computers
  • Available in North American English, UK English, and French


Who knew that learning about molecular and cell biology could be such a blast?!
Through immersive content and game-based modules; Genomics Digital lab and Histroy of Biology creates a true multimedia experience accessible to all learners and learning styles.
Benefits of learning with Spongelab Bilogy include:

  • Development of 21st Century learning skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation.
  • Uncover an excitement, deepen their understanding for Biology and improve grades.
  • Build skills necessary to succeed in a highly competitive technology-based global marketplace.


Ensure your Child has the competitive edge. As we move forward in a technology and innovation-based work force, it is critically important to ensure students are supported in their development of critical minds, strong science backgrounds and the necessary skills to succeed in a highly competitive technology-based global market.
Support your children to:

  • Develop competencies and a greater interest in Science
  • Develop proficiencies in technology use
  • Improved understanding of molecular and cellular biology

Administrators (School / Board / District)

Get the winning advantage and become a leader in supporting high levels of student achievement. Genomics Digital Lab and History of Biology helps to reduce gaps in student achievement as well as support public and parent confidence in education system.

  • Support your teachers’ professional development in classroom technologies
  • Increased supporting assets for Teachers
  • Encourage increased enrollment in Sciences
  • Support training for standardized tests
  • Integrate technology into schools and classrooms
  • Become a leader in 21st century learning
  • Integrated metrics to assess student performance and return on investment (ROI)
  • Reduce costs associated with out-dated teaching assets

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