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History of Biology new – a scavenger hunt style science game
solve mysteries and learn the history of biology at the same time!
  • Unlock clues, explore objects and research internet sites to unravel the history of the people, places and discoveries in biology
  • Understand how historical events are linked to culture, society, politics, economics and ethics today.
  • Utilize problem solving and critical thinking skills to solve puzzles and complete weekly missions
  • Follow the rich story line that parallels the scientific timeline of discovery
  • Learn the stories and facts about these important topics: o cell theory o microscopes o classification o evolution o mechanisms of heredity o the central dogma of genetics o the genomics revolution o the future of biological science Easy access!
  • Fully Online – no downloads, no installation!
  • Log in from anywhere – home or school
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Available in English (French & other languages coming soon)
  • Access to community of teachers and professionals

Watch the trailer on Youtube!

Watch the demo/walk-through (Coming Soon)!

Try it out here for free!


Genomics Digital Lab
Genomics Digital Lab (GDL) is an award winning, integrated on-line learning environment where users experience the world of biology through discovery-based learning. Genomics Digital Lab:
  • Curriculum-aligned integrated games, modules, and interactive simulations
  • Experience these topics through discovery:
    • General plant biology & physiology
    • Photosynthesis (light reaction & Calvin Cycle)
    • Respiration (Glycolysis, Citric Acid Cycle, glycolysis)
    • DNA transcription
    • RNA translation
    • Lesson plans and other class creation tools along with integrated real-time assessment built in
    • Includes 8 games and 5 case studies
    • Includes a Particle Map for easy reference
    • Includes Plant Anatomy Explorer
    • Access to community of teachers and professionals

  • Easy access!
    • Fully Online – no downloads, no installation!
    • Log in from anywhere – home or school
    • Compatible with PC and Mac
    • Available in French and English

Watch the trailer

Watch the demo/walk-through (Coming Soon)!

Try it out here for free!

Transcription Hero

Transcription Hero is an educational game where you get to play the role of RNA Polymerase! Travel down the rails of a DNA sequence, try to transcribe the gene without causing too many mutations, and race against native RNA Polymerase... all while listening to your favourite tunes!

Visit the Transcription Hero Game Page

Try Transcription Hero here (Free for everyone!)


High School/Junior High School

History of Biology is a perfect companion for your biology class

  • Introduce new concepts as you move through the curriculum
  • Add variety to your lessons by working through a new mission
  • Spring off into new discussion topics
  • Assign essay or research topics after each mission
  • Bring book content to life with meaningful technology

Students learn best when they are engaged with the subject. Spongelab Biology tools are a remarkable teaching and learning asset for Biology grades 7 – 12.

“…Any simulations that makes the content more accessible is highly desirable... students enjoy it (certain parts of the biology content) but have trouble with it. Hands' on work would be a great thing!” - Mrs. Hodson, science teacher, Msgr Percy Johnson

Genomics Digital Lab

Core content of games and animations includes:

    For Grades: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    • Lesson 1: The Plant’s Environment
    For Grades: 10, 11, 12, C/U
    • Lesson 2: Building Sugar from CO2 and Sunlight
      • Lesson 2.1: Light Reaction
      • Lesson 2.2: Calvin Cycle
    • Lesson 3: Converting Sugar into ATP energy
      • Lesson 3.1: Glycolysis
      • Lesson 3.2: Citric Acid Cycle
      • Lesson 3.3: Electron Transport
    • Lesson 4: Using Energy to Build Proteins
      • Lesson 4.1: Transcription
      • Lesson 4.2: Translation
    For Grades: 10, 11, 12, C/U
    • The Real World of Biology
      • Case Study 1: Solving the Energy Crisis: A Plant is an amazing plant!
      • Case Study 2: The Triffid Next Door
      • Case Study 3: Feel the Burn!
      • Case Study 4: Bioschool Musical: The Tale of RuBisCO
      • Case Study 5: The Food We Eat
    • Whole Plant Anatomy
    • Leaf Structure
    • Leaf Tissue Structure
    • Plant Cells
    • Major cell Organelles
    • Chloroplast
    • Mitochondrion
    • Nucleus
    • Cytoplasm
College / University

History of Biology provides a great refresher and introduction to the major events in biology through:

  • A detailed look at the people, events and discoveries that have helped shaped our world today
  • By provided critical thinking and meaningful problem solving opportunities directly linked to content

Exploring topics such as cell theory, classification, evolution, genetics and future directions in an interactive, discovery based environment

Genomics Digital Lab (GDL) provides an engaging and efficient way to learn Cell Biology in intro and/or first year Biology Courses at the College and University level.

Students play through the rich content in GDL allowing for advanced exploration and understanding through self-directed and discovery-based learning.

Core Topics include:

  • General plant physiology
  • Light Reaction
  • Calvin Cycle
  • Glycolysis
  • Citric Acid Cycle
  • Electron transport
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • The Real World of Biology
  • Plant Anatomy
  • Plant Cells
  • Major Cell Organelles
  • Particles Resource Map

At Home

Reap the benefits of Genomics Digital Lab form any computer with internet access – all you need is your user name and password!

Because GDL is fully integrated online, requires no installations or downloads; it is easy to access and use in different teaching and learning environments.

Genomics Digital Lab is perfect for:

  • Homeschooling
  • Tutoring
  • Continuing Education
  • Adult Learning
  • Parents and Students learning together
  • Homework and exam prep

Geeks, Nerds and Enthusiasts

You know who you are!

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