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Information for New Hires

Learn about the benefits available to new hires in the JU 2019 New Hire Booklet.

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2019 Medical - Employee Monthly Costs

  Blue Care HMO 41 Blue Options PPO 3559 Blue Options HD 3160/3161
EE Only $52.00 $131.00 $0.00
EE / Spouse / Domestic Partner $598.00 $678.00 $149.00
EE / Children $483.00 $554.00 $81.00
Family $1,113.00 $1,195.00 $496.00​

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, then "Find a Provider" and search using a dental specialty.*** The option to go outside the network is available at a higher cost using coinsurance rates, where balanced billing may be applicable.

The Co-Pay plan charges co-payments for specific services within the network (fee schedule is available) and coinsurance for services outside the network. The traditional plan (PPO) charges coinsurance for services inside and outside the network with a lower outside of network coinsurance rate than the Co-pay plan, but the premium deductions are approximately double that of the Co-Pay plan. Please refer to the Forms page for the electronic version of these two plans.

Dental - Employee Monthly Costs Blue Dental PPO
Co-pay Plan
Blue Dental PPO
Choice Plus Plan
Employee Only $12.00 $32.00
EE / Spouse / Domestic Partner $36.00 $70.00
EE / Children $39.00 $78.00
Family $59.00 $116.00

一道本不卡免费高清After June 1,2013, the new customer service phone number is 1-888-223-4892. Paper claims may be sent to the Dental Administrator; P.O. Box 1047; Elk Grove Village, IL 6009-1047.

Jacksonville School of Orthodontics

一道本不卡免费高清Jacksonville School of Orthodontics offers a 10% discount to the employee and/or one member within the employee’s immediate family. A JU ID Card must be shown at the time of services. Please call the for details on the 10% discount and to set up an initial appointment.

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Life Insurance

The Standard

Group Term: Jacksonville University provides you with 1x your annual base salary in life insurance, to a maximum of $150,000. You have the option to purchase another 1, 2, or 3x your base salary at low group term rates. Spousal insurance is available at 50% of employee election in increments of $5,000; and dependent children a maximum of $10,000. Life Insurance coverage is effective the first day of the month following thirty days of employment. Please note that at age 65, the amount of coverage decreases 35%; and at age 70, it decreases to 50% of annual salary.

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web page or to the web page.

Summary Plan Descriptions

Annual Disclosures & QDIA

2019 Plan Updates

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Short-Term Disability

The Standard

This optional benefit will pay 60% of salary up to $500 per week and start on the 1st day for an accident and the 8th day for illness. Coverage is for 6 months. Maternity is covered. Short term disability fills the gap before long term disability becomes available. The employee pays 100% of the cost for short term disability. The coverage is effective the first day of the month following thirty days of employment.

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Long-Term Disability

一道本不卡免费高清The Standard

一道本不卡免费高清This benefit will pay 60% of salary up to $10,000 per month up to age 65. It is provided by Jacksonville University for all employees. Long Term Disability is effective the first of the month following the month of employment for Administration and Faculty, and is effective for Staff the first of the month following one year of employment.

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Vision Care - Humana

CompBenefits' VisionCare Plan provides eye exams, lenses and frames benefits through a full insured vision plan.

Plan benefits include periodic, comprehensive eye exams, lenses and frames or contacts. In addition you can get a discount on LASIK or PRK surgery. In the year after an eye exam, you'll also receive a 20 percent discount on a second pair of eyeglasses and/or a 15 percent discount on professional service fees for elective contact lenses from the VisionCare network doctor you have seen for your original services.

As a dual choice plan, VisionCare allows you to choose one of our pre-screened doctors or to visit a doctor outside the VisionCare network. This is a pre-paid plan offering benefits at no charge following a $10 deductible for exams within a network of providers and $25.00 deductible for purchased materials. You may choose a provider outside the network and be reimbursed according to a fixed schedule. Please refer to the electronic version of the brochure below for additional information.

Monthly Cost: Employee Only $6.50, Family $18.60

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website or by contacting the Human Resource Office一道本不卡免费高清.

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Health Savings Account (HSA)

The HSA is a new way for consumers to pay for medical expenses before you meet your deductible on the PPO 3160/3161 High Deductible plan. Qualified expenses include your out-of-pocket amounts for deductibles, prescriptions, dental care, or vision care. Over-the counter drugs are eligible only with a doctor's prescription. Funds can also be used for COBRA coverage during periods of unemployment, medical expenses after retirement and long-term care expenses. This benefit is for employees in the High Deductible 3160/3161 only.

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. Further details on this program are available at the site below. If you wish to make application for The Tuition Exchange, please contact the Director of Financial Aid at (904) 256-7060.

The University has a current reciprocal tuition program with The Bolles School and St. John’s Country Day School.   For more details please contact the Office of Human Resources一道本不卡免费高清.

Tuition Benefits for Adjuncts

一道本不卡免费高清Adjunct faculty are entitled to a tuition waiver according to the following guidelines:

Amount Earned

A tuition waiver is available on a 1:1 basis. For each one-credit hour taught, one credit hour waiver is earned at Jacksonville University. Tuition waivers are applied to the semester that follows the semester of instruction. Adjuncts can take graduate courses upon prior approval from the SVPAA. There are, however, some restrictions and tax implications for some programs. This information can be found on the Tuition Waiver Benefit form.


Tuition waivers are transferable to the spouse of the adjunct faculty member, or any dependent child who is 25 years old or less, who meets the IRS definition of a dependent AND who resides in the parents’ home.

Time Limitation

一道本不卡免费高清Waivers must be utilized within three (3) calendar years of the semester or term in which teaching credits are earned. Example: Courses taught in Fall of 2011 will be credited for tuition waiver through Summer 2014. At the start of Fall 2014, unused credits earned in Fall 2011 will roll off and be void.

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Allstate Optional Plans Available

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一道本不卡免费高清NOTE: The information provided on these pages is a summary only and the plan documents govern all aspects of coverage. Certain plans contain both preexisting and underwriting restrictions. Please refer to the brochures from each insurance company for detailed information regarding the benefits or exclusions for each plan. The University reserves the right to alter its policies and practices as it deems necessary.