Kinesiological Program

Empowered student experience

The Kinesiology curriculum prepares undergraduate students with the skills necessary to enter professional occupations in the multi-faceted human movement industry. The Kinesiology curriculum strives to develop future leaders with an emphasis on diversity, promoting intellectual inquiry, while serving the broader university and the Jacksonville, Florida community. The Kinesiology curriculum is an engaging and challenging learning environment that provides students with the theoretical knowledge base and practical skills necessary to thrive professionally.​

​The Kinesiology Program is dedicated to developing lifelong learners committed to personal an​d professional excellence. The following ideals are emphasized throughout the Major:

  • ​​​​Promotion of leadership, scholarship, and professional competence in kinesiological specializations,
  • Provision of a challenging and reflective learning environment focused on academic distinction,
  • Creation of a classroom atmosphere that develops intellectual creativity and critical thinking skills,
  • Dedicated Faculty that accomplish excellence in teaching, advising, service, and scholarship,
  • Promotion of physically active lifestyles and sound nutritional practices,
  • Promotion of diversity and equality.

Kinesiology Strategic Plan

Kinesiology Department 2019-2025 Strategic Plan

Kinesiology Program

​The Department of Kinesiology is a new and important component of the School of Applied Health Sciences in the Brooks Rehabilitation College of Healthcare Sciences at Jacksonville University. We are committed to accomplishing the School’s mission “to prepare healthcare professionals for careers defined by excellence in practice, community service, and lifelong professional development. Teaching, research, and community engagement serve as our core values.”

一道本不卡免费高清​Kinesiology is an emerging, exciting, and greatly needed academic discipline that focuses on optimizing “health, wellness, and performance”.

There are two primary agendas for the discipline:

  • Study Human Movement: Kinesiologists use state-of-the-art technology to assess and study human movement. Application to human health and performance include biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, orthopedics, biomedical engineering, neuroscience, sport and exercise psychology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, strength and conditioning, sport science, exercise science, etc.
  • Study Physical Activity: Kinesiologists are also experts of physical activity and strive to understand its impact on health, society, and quality of life.

Kinesiology students reviewing presentations一道本不卡免费高清Kinesiology is typically the undergraduate degree of choice for students seeking:

  • Traditional areas of “health”. This degree prepares students well for fitness, health promotion, physical activity, recreation, sport, etc.
  • Emerging areas of “movement science”. This degree will prepare students to use technology to study human movement in sport, exercise, and clinical settings.
  • A graduate degree in Kinesiology and related fields. This degree prepares students well for graduate work in kinesiology and related fields such as biomechanics, physiology, neuroscience, motor behavior, sport and exercise psychology, pedagogy, etc.
  • A graduate degree in allied health/medical fields. This prepares students well for medical school, physician assistant, public health, physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, etc.

​The motto for the Kinesiology Program is the Latin phrase “mens sana in corpore sano.” The phrase translates as “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” We believe in the need for both an active mind and a healthy body. Our mission is to promote lifelong learning and physically active lifestyles that will greatly influence health, wellness, performance, and quality of life.