Sociology A Department of the Division of Social Sciences

Sociology is the systematic study and explanation of the full range of social relations, encompassing a consideration of intimate, as well as impersonal, institutional, and societal relations. The critical-analytical skills and knowledge acquired in sociology courses can inform, empower and enrich everyone’s participation in their everyday lives.

The Sociology Department at Jacksonville University provides personalized support and mentoring for students on their academic and career paths. The Sociology faculty prepare students for future careers through mentoring and courses such as Careers in Sociology. The faculty also connect students to community opportunities through a variety of service-learning projects. These include Media & Crime (partnering with Communities in Schools), Green Societies (partnering with Arlington Community Garden) and Special Topics Leadership (supporting Charter Day of Service).  The Sociology Department sponsors student honors societies including Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology) and Pi Gamma Mu (Social Sciences).

The Department of Sociology at Jacksonville University hosts the Xi chapter of . Eligible students will be invited to join each year by the faculty advisor, Dr. Heather Downs.

Major and Minor Requirements

Sociology Major

Major requirements

Sociology Minor

The sociology minor requires 15 credit hours of coursework.

 Minor requirements


  • Communities in Schools
  • JSO
  • The Women's Center of Jacksonville

Faculty Resources

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Dr. Laura C. Atkins

atkins Assistant Professor of Sociology; Director of Service-Learning 

Telephone number一道本不卡免费高清(904) 256-7235

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Dr. Heather Downs 

downa Associate Professor of Sociology 

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Telephone number一道本不卡免费高清(904) 256-7141

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Professor Shelley Grant

placeholder Assistant Professor of Sociology

Telephone number(904) 256-7220

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Dr. Alex Manning

 manning-alexAssistant Professor of Sociology

Telephone number(904) 256-7564

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